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Buns & Rolls

Bigger is not always better, so we have a few rolls and buns for when small is all you need. Our soft Hamburger Buns are made with white and wholemeal flour and a touch of sugar and egg to make a bun that can stand up, in texture and flavour, to a thick, juicy burger or rashers of bacon. We also make mini baguettes, perfect for a sandwich for one or to dunk in a bowl of soup.

Buns Made with a mixture of wholewheat and white flour, perfect for bacon sandwiches or filled rolls.

Brioche Buns A rich, buttery roll with shine from an egg glaze - perfect for a burger or lobster roll.

Baguettes and Mini Baguettes A traditional French baguette made with sourdough starter for flavour and baker’s yeast. This is best eaten on the day it was made. Try with local ham and Dijon mustard, or butter and jam!

Seeded Baguettes A half-size traditional baguette crusted with sesame seeds that toast as it bakes in the oven.

Montreal Bagels Hand rolled unsalted dough, boiled in honey and water, rolled with sesame seeds and baked on the floor of the oven as they do in Montreal. Very different to other bagels!