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Tinned Bread

We love sourdough. It's a fascinating, delicious bread. But we also recognise the familiarity and comfort that comes from a classic, crusty tinned loaf, and we make them daily for those times when only a farmhouse loaf will do. All of our tinned loaves are made without artificial additives or processing aids, from locally milled flour.

Our classic tinned loaves, which we call Orford White and Orford Granary, feed the community fund; twenty pence from the sale of each Orford loaf goes into the community fund. The fund is for use by local residents for projects that benefit the community that might not be able to access other modes of funding. To date, we have helped with startup costs for fundraising for the Recreation Hall, contributed to setting up the Orford Food Revolution Market, and bought presents for children to be given at the Christmas Fair.

Orford White A classic white tin loaf made with strong white flour from Marriage’s Millers in Essex. Comes in many shapes and sizes.

Orford Granary A classic granary loaf made with a grainy flour from Marriage’s Millers in Essex. Again, comes in many different shapes and sizes.