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These flaky, buttery pastries are available first thing in the morning at the bakery, while supplies last! Made by layering French pastry butter with a delicate yeasted dough, our croissants, pains au chocolat, pains aux raisins and bear claws are crisp on the outside and tender inside. A touch of Vienna and Paris by the seaside.

Croissant A traditional all butter croissant made by hand by layering a yeasted dough with French butter and rolling into a crescent shape.

Pain au chocolat Our handmade croissant dough with two sticks of our own 60% Ecuador Dark Milk chocolate inside.

Pain aux raisins Our handmade croissant dough brushed with custard and dotted with raisins then rolled and sliced into rounds.

Bear claw Croissant dough folded over a light almond frangipane (almond paste and pastry cream). Dusted with icing sugar.

Pain aux amandes A traditional croissant, split in two, dipped in an Armagnac syrup and filled and coated with frangipane then a layer of sliced almonds. Deliciously rich.