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Finca Tres Marias, Honduras - Anastasia Zummar

Finca Tres Marías is a family owned estate with 350 hectares located in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains in the northwest side of Honduras.

Although originally a cattle farm, the owners have also planted corn, sorghum and plantains. Today, the lower part of the farm is planted with sugar cane and they are working to establish crops of allspice, black pepper and timber (mostly Honduran Mahogany). More recently they have also become the first cacao plantation in the area.

To gain experience in growing cocoa the Finca Tres Marías team worked in partnership with The Honduran Agricultural Research Foundation (FHIA) who are the country’s most respected agricultural research institute with years of experience in cocoa farming. Within four years the plantation was producing a crop of predominantly Trinitario beans, with some small amounts of Criollo and Forastero.

The plantation started with 8 hectares of cocoa and today has 11 hectares in production with 13 more ready for expansion. The new area is to be given over to the development of organic cacao crops using organic certified fertilizer, which is now available in Honduras.

The farm is also fully equipped with all the necessary processing equipment. The fermenting and drying of the bean is done carefully and methodically to obtain consistent results.

When harvested, the seeds are selected by size with any that are infected or inferior being discarded. They are then fermented for 6‐ 7 days and dried for 8‐10 depending on weather conditions, with constant checking on the progress of the crop to ensure the best quality yield.

We make the following bars using solely the Finca Tres Marías beans :

Honduras - Finca Tres Marias 80% - Academy of Chocolate 2015 Silver

Honduras Bread & Butter 58% - International Chocolate Awards 2016 British Gold - Academy of Chocolate 2016 Silver

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