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Our take on bread is simple: only the best quality. We test and develop each recipe to ensure we are making the most superb bread possible. We make each loaf by hand using only the finest ingredients: no preservatives, no additives, no softeners. We are proud members of the Real Bread Campaign. Our bread is sold on the day it was made so that it reaches the customer at its absolute best.


Community is central to our bakery. Our communal table brings people together to eat and drink, inspiring conversation between new acquaintances.

Pump Street Bakery is proud to be located in Orford, Suffolk, a village with a strong food heritage in a county that is well known for responsible, traditional agriculture with functioning local mills. We use local flour and produce whenever possible.

Giving back to the village and county is important to us. We created the Orford Community Fund to support local initiatives.

We sell bread only on the day it was baked but it is also fantastic for days after, and we don’t like to waste a gram of it. Any bread not sold in a day we donate to West Villa Hostel in Ipswich, an emergency family shelter, where it feeds families in need.


Pump Street Bakery was founded in November 2010 by father and daughter team Chris and Joanna Brennan. It is the result of Chris’ years developing his skills as a self-taught baker, and Joanna’s enthusiasm for all things gourmand. Chris manages the baking team, while Joanna takes care of the shop and cooks for the café.

The shop is located in a 15th Century building on Orford’s Market Square, now renovated after being unoccupied for almost 20 years. Previously the building had housed many businesses including Barclay’s Bank and Melton Real Ales. Number 1 Pump Street now houses the shop, café and café kitchen, while the bread is baked just a few hundred yards outside the village at Richmond Old Dairy in Gedgrave.