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Action shots by @helencathcart of weighing dough and shaping.

Posted Thu 14th Dec 2017

Repost from our sibling account @pumpstreetchocolate - please follow if you don’t (and apologies if you’re seeing this twice) When Shaun from @theestatedairy first spoke with us about wanting to make a chocolate milk we were both flattered and thrilled.

Posted Tue 12th Dec 2017

Last night we celebrated the season and the team’s accomplishments with some delicious food from @pharrisonchef, gin fizz, Christmas crackers, low lighting and a roaring fire. “Mistleteam” were the winners of the quiz. One of my favourite nights of the y

Posted Mon 11th Dec 2017

It’s crisp. It’s cold. It’s almost Christmas!

Posted Sat 9th Dec 2017

Bread and beam.

Posted Sat 18th Nov 2017

The walk home this evening. #nofilter

Posted Mon 13th Nov 2017

We're honoured to be a part of the second Slow Living Market that is happening in Orford Town Hall on Saturday 4th November from 10am-4pm. Please come along - this year there will be some new vendors and we will have chocolate chip cookies and new bars!

Posted Wed 25th Oct 2017

We're so pleased to be a part of the offering at the newly renovated @panzers_deli in St. John's Wood. As well as a great selection of @pumpstreetchocolate, they will have our Eccles cakes for sale every Thursday. AND they have those amazing chocolate br

Posted Fri 20th Oct 2017

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