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Library of Bars

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Tasting notes

For the collector, aficionado or enthusiast - a catalogue of ten of our single origin bars representing a variety of origins and percentages and some of our bakery series bars. A notecard for each bar outlines the origin, percentage and any inclusions. Tasting notes are included as well as guidance for tasting and space to make your own observations. The keepsake box serves as a chocolate archive for these and future bars.

This box includes one of each of the following bars:

Madagascar Milk 58%

Ecuador Dark Milk 60%

Grenada - Crayfish Bay Estate 70%

Madagascar - Akesson's Organic Estate, Criollo 74%

Jamaica - Bachelor's Hall 75%

Honduras - Finca Tres Marias 80%

Ecuador - Hacienda Limon 85%

Sourdough and Sea Salt 66%

Rye Crumb, Milk and Sea Salt 60%

Eccles - Hacienda Limon 55%"

Vary by bar (each bar individually labelled) but include cocoa beans, cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, milk powder, bread crumbs (wheat), sea salt, currants, raisins, brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, brandy, butter. Made in a bakery that uses dairy, gluten and nuts.

10 x 70g bars

This product can be dispatched on the following days:
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday

£60 (each)