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Madagascar - Ambanja 72%

Madagascar - Ambanja 72%
Madagascar - Ambanja 72%

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Tasting notes

This chocolate is made exclusively from cocoa from the most famous of all terroirs for Madagascan beans: the Sambirano River Valley. We are lucky to have been able to source organic cocoa beans from Bertil Akesson, whose 2300 hectare family estate, located in Ambanja, has produced world-famous aromatic cocoa since 1920.

A dark chocolate packed with flavour brought out of the fruity Madagascan beans. This chocolate has high notes of citrus mellowing into tropical fruits & ending with balanced acidity. Bean to bar chocolate handmade in Orford, Suffolk, UK.

Organic cocoa Beans, organic cocoa butter and cane sugar. Minimum 72% cocoa solids. Made in a bakery that uses dairy, gluten and nuts.

Bar weight - 70 grams

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£6.25 (each)