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Six Eccles Cakes

Six Eccles Cakes Six Eccles Cakes
Six Eccles Cakes

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Tasting notes

Six of our outstanding Eccles cakes, individually wrapped and boxed and sealed with a Pump Street Bakery sticker. Our Eccles are made with our own French butter puff pastry, and filled with an Armagnac-infused combination of Vostizza Grade A currants, raisins and brown sugar. They are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea, a wedge of cheese, or a snifter of Brandy.

Flour, salt, vinegar, water, butter, raisins, currants, sugar, brandy, cinnamon, nutmeg

Eccles cakes are made using our in-house made puff pastry, which is wrapped around a mixture of raisins and currants that have been soaked and infused with sugar, spices and armagnac. The cakes are then shaped, coated in sugar, slashed and baked in a hot oven to crisp the pastry. The sugar and armagnac mixture melts together to make a syrup which oozes out of the slashes and trickles down the side of the cakes.

Eccles cakes keep very well when kept airtight. They will last up to five days at room temperature, and much much longer in the freezer. If left out, the pastry will go soft, but a few minutes in a medium-hot oven will crisp the pastry again.

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£11.70 (each)