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Sourdough And Eccles Box

Sourdough and Eccles Box Sourdough and Eccles Box Sourdough and Eccles Box Sourdough and Eccles Box Sourdough and Eccles Box Sourdough and Eccles Box
Sourdough and Eccles Box

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Tasting notes

The same contents as our Sourdough Bread Box, with an added treat of four crisp, flaky and buttery currant-filled Eccles cakes.

N.B. We have just launched a new recipe sourdough which we love and are excited to share! It is a crusty loaf with a very moist, open crumb. The loaves in this box are a long White Sourdough, a round Brown Sourdough, a Walnut and Sour Cherry and a 40% Rye.

We bake bread for overnight delivery on Thursday afternoons so that it gets to you as fresh as possible on Friday.

Vermont Sourdough: Organic Wheat Flour, Water, Natural Yeast, Salt

Kelsale Sourdough: Organic Wheat Flour, Organic Rye Flour, Water, Natural Yeast, Salt

Black Olive: Organic Wheat Flour, Natural Yeast, Black Olives, Salt

Walnut and Cherry: Organic Wheat Flour, Natural Yeast, Walnuts, Sour Cherries, Salt

Eccles: Flour, Salt, Vinegar, Water, Butter, Raisins, Currants, Sugar, Brandy, Cinnamon, Nutmeg

The ultimate crusty, moist baker’s loaf, sourdough rises using natural yeasts present in the air and on grains. These yeasts are cultivated and nurtured to form a sourdough starter, a portion of which is mixed into the dough each day. The breads rise in baskets that leave beautiful patterns, and are then baked on the oven floor.

Eccles cakes are made using our in-house made puff pastry, which is wrapped around a mixture of raisins and currants that have been soaked and infused with sugar, spices and armagnac. The cakes are then shaped, coated in sugar, slashed and baked in a hot oven to crisp the pastry. The sugar and armagnac mixture melts together to make a syrup which oozes out of the slashes and trickles down the side of the cakes.

The sourdough will reach you less than 24 hours out of the oven, and will be fresh and crusty, ready to eat on it's own or with lashings of butter. Store it in the paper bag it arrives in, it will make excellent toast and, if you have any left after a few days, breadcrumbs!

Eccles cakes keep very well when kept airtight. They will last up to five days. If left out, the pastry will go soft, but a few minutes in a medium-hot oven will crisp the pastry again.

This product can be dispatched on the following days:
  • Thursday

£22.50 (each)